Sunday, March 23, 2008

Disney World Last day

We ate breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the polynesian resort that last day of our trip. We were already tired from 4 days in the parks and the night before we spent about 4 hours waiting for Carson to pick a souvenir. He couldn't decide between a hat, a towel, little action figures, mickey in jedi clothes, some monkeys on a rope, a pirates of the caribean blanket and just about anything else in the store. He went with the Pirates blanket and if you ever see it please compliment him on it, he is still trying to decide if he made the right decision. Anyway, after the long day we were laying down and thinking about the drive home when grandpa Bob reminded us it was daylight savings time and we were losing an hour. We did not make our 7:30 am reservation the next morning.

Bob had been worried about the prevelence of creepy people in the character costumes at disney, but out of all of them on stitch seemed a little bit off. He freaked out Tyler and took grandma Marlies' glasses, but the other boys loved it.

By the end of our trip we had learned a few things

- 50 cents ponchos are worth much more in a thunderstorm

- Double check your diaper bag for diaper before entering a park

- Carson and Easton will ride on any roller coaster they can get on

- Robby will not ride on anything but the jungle rapids ride

- Early march is a good time to go to Disney, not many spring break kids from colleges and the weather was pretty nice

- Tornado warnings are good for keeping the crowds out of Disney parks, just don't listen to the news and you don't need to worry about all day

- Check to make sure there are no cheerleading competitions and change plans if the bus you are on suddenly fills up with a squad from minnesota. 1 squad is cute = 500 squads can kill you

- Bring extra clothes for after the river ride, the disney people are really strict about public indecency for some reason

- Grandpa Bob and Grandma Marlies made all the difference in the world, ask them early and they might be able to go with you too

- Fast passes and baby swaps are great, we never waited more than 20 minutes

Disney World 3rd day - Disney Hollywood Studios

The boys loved star tours and all the star wars stuff around it. They even got to watch a Jedi training class and learned some new moves.

There was a fun animation tour that Robby really wanted to see. At the end, they taught you how to draw a Disney character, which Carson and Robby loved.

We ended our day with the Fantasmic show. It had been a long day, especially since there was about 25,000 cheerleaders in the park for a competition. There were little 5 year olds and high school teams and rude coaches and way to much cheering/screaming. We did get to ride on an Aerosmith rollercoaster that Carson and all the adults loved, and everybody liked the stunt show. Easton watched all the car chases, explosions, fake guns, jet skis and a man on fire, then asked us if he could do it. He thought is was a ride and that everybody got a turn.

Disney World 2nd day - Animal Kingdom

Boys and grandpa watching the monkeys.

We got to eat breakfast with Mickey in the Tusker House. It was so yummy!

The boys playing the drums.

It was a hot and humid day so we got milk shakes to cool off.

This is one of the few family pictures we took, we are really hoping Grandma got a better one of us.

Bob and baby Bowen on the Safari ride. Bowen was such a good sport the whole vacation. So was Bob.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disney World - first and second day

When we moved to Georgia (almost 4 yrs ago) we told the boys we would go to Disney World when Bob was a week ago we drove to Orlando and did Disney for 4 days. Bob's parents were able to meet us there. It was so fun to see them and to have some extra help.

This is us before eating at Crystal Palace, and about 30 minutes from a very large thunderstorm. Thank goodness for 50 cent ponchos from the dollar store.

This is our first trip into the magic kingdom after an 8 hour drive

This is the 2nd of about 10 trips on splash mountain for Easton and Carson. They would have gone for 20 but none of the adults wanted to get wet again.

Robby and Ty (the little yellow thing) liked to stand on the bridge and get sprayed by the people riding splash mountain.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pinewood derby

We just had Robby's first pinewood derby and all the boys had fun. The younger guys even got to race some old cars. They are all very excited for scouts, especially with Amanda being Robby's den mother.

Science Fair

Robby and Carson had fun creating their science fair projects. Carson did an experiment with invisible ink and Robby made a model of the solar system.

The boys built a fort

Last weekend the boys (Bob included) had fun with the fort they built. The younger boys would hide inside while the older boy would throw toilet paper rolls at them. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and this game lasted until everyone except Robby had nailed either their head or knee on the sofa legs. You can see in this picture that the legs are large chunks of wood and are at just the right height for knocking Tyler out.

Jordan's last cheerleading in high school

I got to go see one of my girls from young women's senior night. She's a great cheerleader and will be at BYU in the Fall. She is talking with the coaches about cheering there.

At the park with Kory

Do you ever take it off any sweet jumps?

Easton helps makes scrambled eggs

Next time, he'll get them in the pan.

Hanging out with dad

If one of our boys gets a ride or does anything remotely fun, everyone else lines up and has to have a turn. Or they skip the line and just jump on.