Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fort in the backyard!

The boys have been wanting to build a fort FOREVER..... now that we have our own backyard the boys found the perfect fallen tree to build around.

It is amazing what $12 dollars worth of ply wood will do for five busy boys. They had all week off for Thanksgiving and spent many hours outside doing what boys do best.....climbing, collecting fire wood, digging holes, and just getting dirty.

Mississippi State FANS

We are now Mississippi State University Fans..... when you live in the South in a small College town that is just what you do. Some of Bob's co-workers rounded up enough tickets for our whole family to go to a game. It was a lot of fun. Some of the boys enjoyed it more than others. Fans ring cow bells extremely loud at the games. We could not believe the tailgating scene at every game. Fans set up 24 hours before the game.

Flag football

Ty goes in phases with wanting his picture taken or not. I have had to leave portrait studios with no picture more than once with him throwing a huge fit. So when he is in the mood I love it .....he is just too cute to not have his picture taken. Bowen has been such a fun baby. He talks more than any of the others did at his age. (He walked way, way later than all of the others). I can't say no when he asks, "Please Please"!

Robby and Carson played flag football this fall. I think it has been my favorite sport to watch. They learned alot and had a really fun season!

Robby's 9th Birthday

Robby wanted a Star Wars Party. We had lots of fun with the theme. He does not like cake so he had cinnamon rolls. It is hard to believe that he is