Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Birthdays

Catching up on some Summer Birthdays!

EASTON turned 6!
He chose to go to the movies with some friends. We saw "UP". He had a great Birthday.
BOWEN turned 2! He had a "cars" party. He was so excited. I can't believe our baby is 2. This is the first time our baby has ever been 2 because we have always had a new baby by the time someone turned 2. We had Box Car Races.

Once your 2 you get your own shaved ice. Bo was thrilled to have his own.
Shaved ice taste sooo good in Mississippi in the Summer.

Amanda turned 33. I still feel like I'm 23. We went to Georgia to see friends on my Birthday. I was spoiled.

It was so great to be with Carson's best friend, Kory for his 8th birthday and baptism. So many boys!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Barrel Horse Races and Vet School Petting Zoo

So we went to the Horse Park to watch the Barrel Races. My boys loved it. They wanted to dress like cowboys. So we found the closes to cowboy outfits we could find. I love going to all of the events in our college town.
Bowen enjoyed the petting zoo more than anyone. He could have stayed there all day. He calls most animals Scout. (Scout is Em and Matts dog)

Carson and a month old piggy.

Ty and his friends Audrey and Micah riding the bus over to the Vet School.

Bowen was just taking it all in. What a fun age.

"Holey Cow"; not your ordinary petting zoo...

Mississippi State University VET School had an open house. There was a cow named Peaches that was eating grass. While she eats we stuck our arm in her stomach....."Holey Cow!" It was real warm and full of chewed grass. You wear a glove. Kinda creepy kinda cool.


Easton and Robby

Peahes this humane? She did not seem to mind. She stood there for 2 days while lines of people put their arm into her stomach. Somethings you just can't believe it until you see it. Only in Mississippi!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cousins at Christmas

I know I should have posted all of these Christmas pictures at least 3 months ago.....we had such an incredible time I didn't want to not post them eventhough it's almost Easter. Thanks for entertaining all of us Emily and Matt. Jack,Ty,Bay,Easton,Ry,Nate,Carson,Robby, and Bowen

Christmas 2009 finally

Christmas morning in star wars jammies.

My mom and dad, trevor, holly and their 4 boys met us at Emily and Matt's and their 4 kids. Trying to get a picture of 13 cousins Christmas morning was crazy.

Hiking in Surprise, AZ.

Bowen is 18 months here.

Christmas in Arizona

We spent Christmas in Arizona at Emily and Matt's. We had an amazing time. Emily had a list of about 100 things/events to do while we were there. We hiked, 4 wheeled, played at parks, toured chocolate factory, went to 4 drive in movies, had danced parties, played games, taught kids to ride bikes, toured the lights, watched motorcross, did cabellas, shopped til we dropped, baked goodies, and ate bob's cooking just about every night.

Bob turned 32! He is such a great sport having his birthday 2 days before Christmas.

Temple lights in the does rain in Arizona.

It is official we are a 2 car....I mean van family. We flew to AZ and bought a 2008 ford 12 passenger van. I'm not joking! No we are not planning on having 5 more kids we just needed more space in between the kids we already have. We love it. It's kinda ghetto to have a giant van but there was no way we were going to survive in our minivan. We had been a single van family for about 4 and half years. I drove Bob to and from the bus every day. If we missed the bus or he had late class I loaded up the boys and headed 45 minutes downtown Atlanta to pick him up. We spent alot of time in the minivan. Wow my life has changed because Bob can drive himself to work. I sure do appreciate having an extra vehicle. I'm grateful for the extra 30 minutes in the morning and evening. We are sooooo blessed.
We loved loading up the van to full capacity at Emilys.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


On Thanksgiving we had my brother, Trevor and his family and the O'donnell family over. We had a great day of yummy food, crafts, dancing and of course a fire.


We had such a fun Halloween that I wanted to post the pictures even if we are a few months behind. Easton was darth vadar
Bowen and Carson had fun as pirates. Bowen had to get a hair cut the next day because someone thought he was girl while trick or treating.

Robby was a doctor.

Getting ready to trick or treat.......