Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Birthdays

Catching up on some Summer Birthdays!

EASTON turned 6!
He chose to go to the movies with some friends. We saw "UP". He had a great Birthday.
BOWEN turned 2! He had a "cars" party. He was so excited. I can't believe our baby is 2. This is the first time our baby has ever been 2 because we have always had a new baby by the time someone turned 2. We had Box Car Races.

Once your 2 you get your own shaved ice. Bo was thrilled to have his own.
Shaved ice taste sooo good in Mississippi in the Summer.

Amanda turned 33. I still feel like I'm 23. We went to Georgia to see friends on my Birthday. I was spoiled.

It was so great to be with Carson's best friend, Kory for his 8th birthday and baptism. So many boys!


Trevor and Holly said...

How fun!!!! I can't believe how big your boys are getting, SO handsome!!! Love the box cars, so fun!!! We wish we lived closer but it sounds like we will be seeing you guys in just a couple of weeks!!! Happy day!!! :) Miss you guys!!

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amanda and gang. Everyone is getting so big. I'd say older but you don't look a day older! Miss seeing your whole gang and chuckling at church. No diversions at sacrament meeting anymore. Haha. Saw your blog through Sarah's. Hope Mississippi is growing on you. Love Mary Ellen

reba said...

I love it!!
All the b-days and of course you don't look old...33 is the new 23 right? I'll call you soon so we can catch up with all the summer craziness:) Miss you guys!

Bright-Mom said...

COME VISIT US IN SOUTH CAROLINA! We miss you guys! Kate said, "I haven't seen Carson in ages!"

Leslie said...

Amanda, I love the updated pictures. I can't believe Bowen is so big. I still have a hard time picturing you guys in Mississippi!

Sarah said...

Ok Amanda- I need parenting tips! And I'm turning to the woman with a million boys- you've got to be an expert!! I need "things to do" ideas! I'm seriously bored out of my mind! It's finally getting cool down here (as you know) but before then it was so hot you didn't dare go outside. I hate having Amy watch tv all the time, but honestly, we don't have that many toys and that plus paints is usually exhausted by 10am. HELP!! What are some fun ideas?? My email is sarahellenwade@ if you'd rather just email me. :) Thanks!

Off Beat said...

yours boys are soo cute!
especialy, is it Ty, who is two?
I used to go to school with one of your boys, i reckognise him in the picture!