Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Birthdays

Catching up on some Summer Birthdays!

EASTON turned 6!
He chose to go to the movies with some friends. We saw "UP". He had a great Birthday.
BOWEN turned 2! He had a "cars" party. He was so excited. I can't believe our baby is 2. This is the first time our baby has ever been 2 because we have always had a new baby by the time someone turned 2. We had Box Car Races.

Once your 2 you get your own shaved ice. Bo was thrilled to have his own.
Shaved ice taste sooo good in Mississippi in the Summer.

Amanda turned 33. I still feel like I'm 23. We went to Georgia to see friends on my Birthday. I was spoiled.

It was so great to be with Carson's best friend, Kory for his 8th birthday and baptism. So many boys!