Sunday, April 20, 2008

Carson is 7!

Carson and Kory at his party with his new rockets. We are finally going to shot it tommorrow at the park.

Here is Carson with his cake, it's a catepiller with worms and crushed Oreo dirt. He chose to do a spring party with lots of bugs.

Here are all the kids at the party on a little bug hunting expedition.

Carson loves Waffle House so much we are almost regulars. Just kidding. 8 times in 4 years is not nearly enough to be regulars. He does like it a lot though and when Grandma Carol sent money for Carson to choose a restaraunt there was no question where we were going. They even played a special Waffle House version of Happy Birthday for him. How many of you can say that?

Here is Carson and the boys having fun with Carson's new bike. He loves it and has had a lot of fun with it already.

Spring Break

There was a free day at the childrens muesum in Atlanta during the boys' spring break. Unfortunately about 5,000 people came down at the same time. Instead of waiting in a line outside the muesum the boys played in the fountains.
Ty did not want to get in at first.
He eventually changed his mind.
The boys were a little crazy after a week at home, so they decided to play out in the rain and mud. Ty apparently thought the camera was going to steal his soul.
Carson had fun babysitting Trevor and Amanda's little girl Kennedy. She was not used to so many little boys running around.


Dyeing easter eggs with our star wars kit.With star wars easter eggs, we needed a little light sword action to complete the day.
The boys loved their easter baskets.
We attempted to take pictures after church when the boys' were coming down off a sugar high. This was the best of about 10 trys. You don't want to see the rest.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mississippi State University

You may have thought piggly wiggly's were only in movies like win a date with Tad Hamilton. You were wrong.
This is the Veternary Science building, one of the largest buildings on campus. It is next to about 250 acres of farmland and pastures they use to study cows, horses, plants, trees etc.
The other side of this road is the main campus and stadium. I didn't want to drop the camera trying to get a picture of the campus while going 50 mph down this road, so you get to see these trees.
This is the back of the church in West Point.
Here is the front. The chapel doubles as the gym and at least 15 people of the 100 or so people there on sunday came up to me and introduced themselves. I think there are at least 7 or 8 professors at the college in the ward as well as a bunch of young married students.
This is one building on campus. Most buildings look very similar and they are all made with the red bricks.
These are some of the faculty houses that we could rent for around $600 a month, for up to three years if we moved here.

This is Bob, posting from Starkville Mississippi, after a full day of presentations, interviews and meals with the information systems department here. Everything went very well and I expect to here back from them next week. I think I have a very good chance at getting an offer and have had a very nice experiance with the department, at the local ward and in the town. The Sainsbury's could be going to delaware! I mean Mississippi! (Try and spell that fast)