Sunday, August 24, 2008

At the beach and the Seattle zoo

We had a fun day at the mukilteo beach,
and on grandpa's boat.

There's dinner.

Some of the wild animals at the zoo.
Our family, color coded for easy tracking in public.
(sorry for the delay in posting, we are only a month behind now, so we should catch up soon)

Fun times at Grandpa's and Uncle Trevor's houses

Everybody loved riding the 4-wheeler
We only let the responsible ones go alone.
Bowen couldn't stop smiling on the huge water slide.
Bob had lot's of fun playing with fire.
And everybody loved playing in the water and mud.

River Front Park

We usually go to riverfront park in Spokane each time we are there and kids all love it. Some of the highlights are below.
The family at the falls
Feeding the garbage goat. Always a crowd pleaser.
Feeding the ducks. Like the goat, but with more dookies!

The cousins at the park

All the cousins hanging out at the park in Spokane.

I still think Nate is too young to have his own tanning bed.

Our stop in Utah

Uncle Tom was nice enough to set up a water park in his backyard and all the cousins had a lot of fun. This was about an hour before the whole hospital excitement.

Easton's Video Update

Here is a video we took of Easton in the hospital, that we just got downloaded on our computer. It is pretty big, but Easton is pretty funny on it.