Sunday, April 5, 2009

Barrel Horse Races and Vet School Petting Zoo

So we went to the Horse Park to watch the Barrel Races. My boys loved it. They wanted to dress like cowboys. So we found the closes to cowboy outfits we could find. I love going to all of the events in our college town.
Bowen enjoyed the petting zoo more than anyone. He could have stayed there all day. He calls most animals Scout. (Scout is Em and Matts dog)

Carson and a month old piggy.

Ty and his friends Audrey and Micah riding the bus over to the Vet School.

Bowen was just taking it all in. What a fun age.

"Holey Cow"; not your ordinary petting zoo...

Mississippi State University VET School had an open house. There was a cow named Peaches that was eating grass. While she eats we stuck our arm in her stomach....."Holey Cow!" It was real warm and full of chewed grass. You wear a glove. Kinda creepy kinda cool.


Easton and Robby

Peahes this humane? She did not seem to mind. She stood there for 2 days while lines of people put their arm into her stomach. Somethings you just can't believe it until you see it. Only in Mississippi!