Sunday, October 12, 2008

We are in Starkville!

We are in Starkville and loving it.

Our first weekend in Mississippi, a storm came through and blew down 3 trees in our yard. Bob got to buy a chainsaw and the boys had a great time watching the action. They had chairs and drinks and some even got to help clean up the mess.

The boys like the new bath tub, especially the jets.

We didn't like some of the residents in the back yard when we moved in. This is a picture of the first of 8 black widows we found. We used more pest control in the last 2 monthes than we did in 4 years in Atlanta.

This is us at the Noxabee wildlife refuge. The refuge here is more like a wild animal holding area for hunters, since hunting and fishing are more than welcome here. I don't think this is how it works in Washington.

There was a fun boardwalk going through a swamp that everyone ususally sees alligators in. We didn't see any alligators, but we also weren't being very quiet.

Here is the boys on there first day of school. Easton doesn't look very excited in this picture,

This is as close as we could get to smile. He was fine once he got to school, and having Carson there with him helps a lot.

These last two pictures are just bowen having fun with ice cream. It is just about time for a haircut huh?

Mount Rushmore

We had been driving all day and got to rapid city and all the hotel rooms were taken. So we had to drive another 30 minutes to mount rushmore that night. It was late, the room was small and it took everybody a long time to go to sleep. The hotel did not have breakfast so everyone was tired and hungry and not in a very good mood. But since we were there, we decided to pay the $10 dollar parking fee to see the monument. We hiked up to the viewing area and asked someone to take our picture and the picture above is what we got. I love the pile of rocks behind us. It reminds of the greatness of our country and leaders. I took the picture below and will photoshop them together as soon as we aren't 3 months behind on our posts.

See how happy everyone is to see a part of american history.

End of the trip in Seattle

Yeah this is about 3 months late, but we thought we should still put these up.

Everyone having fun at the pump it up party, even with all of the skinned knees and elbows.

Ty and Max having fun.

Grandma and Grandpa

You would think Grandpa would know better than to give Easton a bb gun, but nobody was permanantly injured and I still say there were too many birds there to begin with.

Ty was making a lot of friends on our trip.

Everybody loved Max's party.

Everybody also liked the hot tub.

There was some dry wood and matches so of course Bob decided to make a fire. It was only 100 degrees out and the smokey the bear sign said it was still one step away from extreme fire danger, so perfect fire weather.

We spent some time at the beach on lake wenatchee.

Lake wenatchee is by stevens pass in the cascade mountains. It would take about 15 minutes in the sun to work the tolerance for 1 minute in the water.

Carson cooling off a little at time.

They are smiling now but when they all leaned at the wrong time and fell in, there were a lot of very high pitched squeals coming across the water.