Monday, June 30, 2008

Easton's head met an easton bat....

...and Easton's head definately got the worst of it. We are in Utah on our way to Washington, and two days ago we went to a park to meet some friends, who were having a work party. They had a pinata and invited our boys to do it with them. Unfortunately, they only had an aluminum bat, made by the easton company, and when a girl broke open the pinata and the other kids ran in to get the candy, she swung one more time and hit Easton in the head. Easton started crying right away, and an EMT who was there started to check him out. When Easton couldn't move his left arm or leg, we got him to our van, gave him a blessing and got him to a hospital.

He had a thin fracture in his head and some bleeding inside of it
He was being so brave while they did a CT scan, started an IV, and even when they strapped him onto a backboard and
Loaded him onto the lifeflight helicopter. His parents were trying very hard to be as brave as Easton was.
He had a short flight on the helicopter to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City....
... and a very long night in the Intensive care unit with an uncomfortable neck brace. He threw up three times, but couldn't drink anything to get the taste out, since they thought he may have a neck injury. The Mickey doll the hospital gave him really helped to calm him down.

Once he got the neck brace off sunday morning, Easton started getting better much faster. Monday morning he stopped throwing up and began acting almost normal. He got to go out in a mini wheelchair to a fun play room and outside to see some fountains.

He even got to hang out with the US ski team, making buttons, getting their autographs and making them laugh. He was feeling so good, he remembered his brothers and made each of them a button too.

This is Easton trying to smile while still hooked up to all the equipment.

And this is Easton today right before we left, smiling for real.

We want to thank everyone for all your thoughts, calls and prayers. We feel very blessed for how this all turned out. The doctors and nurses were so good to Easton and our whole family.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's already hot and humid

Carson getting his annual bath




The boys with their giant water ballons. We started out making everyone's ballon the same size as their heads, but went a little crazy on Tyler's and Easton's. The real fun started when the boys realized they could drop the ballons and not break them.

Our friends from the ward

We went to Tom and Vera's house for dinner a couple of weeks ago and then to the park afterwards. Trevor and Amanda were there too. Tom got on the spinning wheel and Trevor made sure he had a wild ride. We are really going to miss all our friends when we moved later this month.

Swimming Team

Robby and Carson have been very busy doing swim team every morning and have had a swim meet once a week. They were not sure about it at first, but once the pool warmed up a little and they got used to the routine they have started loving it. They are getting better very fast and it is fun to watch them improve.

Ty's Birthday Party

We had Tyler's birthday party last month and everybody had fun. He chose a strawberry cake and had a bar-b-que. After dinner the kids had a dance party and everyone shared their best moves.