Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow in Atlanta

It snowed last week in Atlanta and everyone had a lot of fun. Even Bowen got to go outside for a little while, and Bob got to build a snowman when he got home from work. The snow was gone by the time we woke up the next day, but that did not stop the mall from closing early or about 50 baptist churches from canceling their services two days later.

Bowen and Ty

Ty and Bowen get to hang out together while their brothers are at school. Bowen is either teething or was born with too many saliva glands. He leaves a trail like a slug behind wherever he goes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sue, the school nurse......

I'm well acquainted with Sue, the school nurse. She called Friday afternoon at 1:30. The first thing that came to my mind was that Carson was throwing up because he had earlier that week. She said that she had Robby in her room because he had got hurt at recess. His class was playing freeze tag and he and another little boy collided. Robby's teeth hit his friends head. There was lots of blood. Robby's lip was cut, but his tooth was still in place. (he knocked out his baby tooth when he was 2) Unfortunately, his friend had to get 10 stitches.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Robby's Baptism

Robby was baptized on November 3rd, and we all had a great time. Grandma and Grandpa Sainsbury got to come along with a lot of Robby's friends.

Robby really liked Carson's prayer during the meeting, and had fun with his friends afterwards. We are so proud of Robby.

Winter Camping

Bob, Robby and Carson got to go winter camping with the varsity scouts last week. It was 18 degrees in Atlanta, and about 8 degrees where they were staying. There was a fire of course, and the river was incredibly cold, but one young man jumped in after someone promised him $40.


This was the last day of soccer for the boys a couple of months ago. Of course, the treats were the highlights each week.

Fun at the Park

This is the boys at a park, when Grandma and Grandpa Sainsbury were here for Robby's baptism.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finally doing my Tag!

I have no middle name and don't really know the rules of the tag .......

1. Sports: I love to play sports especially soccer and flag football. I used to play on any intramural team I could when we were at BYU. I even played b-ball and flag football when I was pregnant with Robby. Now that I'm 31 and have 5 boys the only sports I get to play are in our backyard and at the park with my boys.

2. Parades: I really like going to Parades! When we were in Utah this Summer I insisted that we went to the 24th of July Parade in SLC. Emily and I packed up all the kids and had a great time. We were able to see Pres. Hinckley waving at everyone. I have been to tons of parades in Provo, Orem, SLC, Spokane, and now Kennesaw, GA. (I think I get this from my mom)

3. Organized Toys: I am very particular when it comes to my kids toys. Every toy belongs in a particular bin or rubbermaid container. Just the thought of leggos mixing with blocks or cars mixing with star wars guys is enough to drive me crazy!

4.Fu nny Jobs:. When I was 19 Charisa (my best friend from home)and I moved to SanDiego to sell Pest Control. We worked with 10 guys in our office. We didn't make the money we thought we would, but wow we worked really hard and had a good time meeting lots of people.
While I was at BYU, I worked with Emily(my sister) at Sams Club. Everyone called us the "Stephenson Sisters" and talked about how fast we walked and worked. (we weren't messing around).
I worked at Youth Corrections for 5 years before I had Carson and quit. I did everything from; drug testing, running drug groups, supervising youth in work crews and classrooms, explorer scouts, scheduling the part time staff, taking youth to court and lots of other random things. I loved that job.
Before we left BYU, I worked as a Hall Advisor at Taylor Hall. We lived in a 1 bedroom apt. next to 240 freshmen girls. Robby and Carson loved it! We had to move when Easton was born.

5. Hippy Chick: In High School and my freshmen year in college my nick name was "Hippy Chick". My mom gave me her old record player in High School and I would listen to her old records like, "Peter Paul, and Mary". I just loved life and had way too much energy. I would dress up crazy to go to the Stake Dances and at the Rick's dances. I was always up for everything. I was friends with every kind of person. I wish I still had all of that energy.......

6. Wild Boys: "Are they all yours?" That's the question I get asked most. Of course they people think that I take my 2 kids and their 3 friends to Walmart or to the dollar movies. I love having 5 wild boys. We have lots of fun and entertain all who are watching along the way.

7. Outdoors: I grew up in Spokane, WA. My family spent family home evening nights boating at a tiny lake about 20 minutes from our house in the Summer and Skiing at Mt. Spokane on $5.00 Night Skiing in the Winter. I love camping and being in the outdoors!

****I tag Vera, Holly, and my Mom****